Project Accountant

Job Type Full-time
Department Finance
Deadline 17/11 — 17/12/2023

Job Description

Job Description:

  • Check internal estimates on quantity, unit price, amount, and other fees related to each project item.
  • Check and analyze in parallel with the signed economic contract to compare costs and project reports.
  • Check and control advances and settlements with contractors.
  • Check and monitor payment and advance payments for purchasing construction materials based on the approved contract.
  • Check and approve the responses of officials and employees.
  • Check and monitor employee salaries at the construction site.
  • Check data, compare records of excess materials, and CCDC at the construction site to bring back to the warehouse.
  • Check and summarize, store copies of documents related to the project, and send the originals to the Chief Accountant for storage.
  • Check and monitor warranty and maintenance policies for projects that have not yet expired.
  • Check, monitor, compare, plan, and urge debt collection for projects, regularly reporting progress and results to the Officer in charge.
  • Check, monitor, compare, pay debts, and make payment plans for subcontractors and suppliers according to construction progress and contracts.
  • Gather and prepare cost reports of projects when making settlement payments.
  • Monitor and prepare monthly reports such as:

Summary table of receivables - payables to project partners, internal debt advances for projects, unfinished costs of works, project costs compared to internal estimates, and arising estimates to see the business efficiency of construction projects.

  • Perform other operations as required.

Job Requirements:

  • University Degree/ College (Major of Accounting)
  • Solid understanding of project accounting management.
  • At least 2-year experience in related fields
  • Be able to work under pressure, and willing to take responsibility.
  • Good English is preferable (both writing and reading)
  • Good writing & reporting skills
  • Fast learner, independent, passion for accounting
  • Strong negotiation and communication skills
  • Good time and task management skills.

General Requirements:

  • Good working knowledge of MS Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), Microsoft Office 365, and the ability to quickly adapt and work with new software
  • Ability to deal with multi-functional tasks and meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment.
  • Proactive and understanding of the necessity of making things right the first time.
  • Be able to work under pressure, and willing to take responsibility.
  • Eager-to-learn, passionate, and thriving people 
  • Honesty, humility, integrity, respect for others
  • Good Teamwork and collaboration skills


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